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People Planet Profit

When approaching issues of sustainability, common practice is to address social, environmental and economic sustainability, more casually referred to as people, planet, profit. These three pillars of sustainability are the core of our interests and the basis of the sustainability research we share.

Environmental Protection

When discussing environmental sustainability, we look at current issues facing our planet along with the solutions and positive changes we can make as a community. We address climate change, biodiversity loss, renewable energy, marine ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, backyard biodiversity, self-sufficient gardens and innovation in the industry. It's important to consider the impact we have on the environment as individuals but also what can be done on a larger scale, specifically changes in government policy.

Social Equity

When talking about social sustainability we are talking about people and how our actions, or inactions, affect the environment and economy. Addressed on its own, social sustainability can relate to social equity, liveability, health equity, community development, human rights, labour rights, social responsibility, social justice and many other factors.

Economic Viability

A quick definition of economic sustainability is where an enterprise provides long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental and cultural aspects of the community. I also like to consider economic sustainability on a personal level and by that I mean living within one's means, saving for the future and reducing consumption. I think being self-sufficient, minimalist and frugal is important too but those aren't the only options for reducing our impact on the world.

People Planet Profit

Sustainability is a broad topic and we don't pretend to cover everything. Our current focus is on making our homes sustainable including improving the biodiversity in our backyards and neighbourhoods. We occasionally like to write about climate change and policy and you'll typically find those articles in this section as well as interesting news articles and scientific research.

Master of Environment

I'm currently studying for a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. At the end of each semester, I publish many of my university essays and reports here. I apologise in advance for the formal academic writing style but I hope these will be of interest. Environmental studies is a broad field but these essays might provide some insight into my specialisation of urban sustainability.  Hopefully, they will give you some ideas which you can implement into your own lifestyle or topics you might want to pursue on your own.