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Sustainability is a broad topic that can mean different things to different people. Given that the majority of the world's population live in cities, I have chosen to focus on urban sustainability and how people in cities in the Global North can live more sustainably.

Urban Sustainability

My current research focus is on sustainable living and how we can make our homes sustainable. We can do this by implementing energy efficiency measures, electrifying our homes, switching to renewable energy and eliminating single-use plastics (and other plastic).

I also write about climate change, urban planning, active transport and spatial inequality.

Additionally, I share information related to improving biodiversity in our backyards and neighbourhoods, growing edible gardens and how we can use green infrastructure to improve health and wellbeing in our urban areas.

The majority of articles in this category are a result of my university studies.

Master of Environment

I'm currently studying for a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne where I focus on sustainable cities and green infrastructure.

At the end of each semester, I publish my university essays and reports here. These are published unedited, hence the formal academic writing style. This is not original research but assignment work. Even so, I hope it's of value.

Perhaps in the future, I will re-write these in a more accessible format.