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Sustainability School

Sustainability Cubed began as a side project dedicated to simplifying sustainability and promoting sustainable living. Our focus is on how we, as individuals, can reduce carbon emissions, in particular by switching to renewable energy, composting food and plant waste and by retrofitting our homes to be more energy-efficient and sustainable.

We also believe it's essential to help reduce biodiversity loss by redesigning our backyards to be more sustainable. Planting trees and shrubs can help improve nature corridors, reduce urban heat and act as a carbon sink. Native plants, in particular, are important to support local wildlife and beneficial insects, especially bees.

As our team grows, we are working to develop downloadable checklists and in-depth courses to guide positive change. This will eventually launch as our ‘Sustainability School’. In the meantime, you can read our reviews of online sustainability courses and recommended books to get you started in sustainable living and backyard biodiversity.