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Behind The Scenes

Transparency is vital if your goal is to achieve sustainability in business. Transparency requires openness and excellent communication. For us it's about sharing our core values and what we're doing to achieve them. It's about building trust through honesty and integrity. Something we know takes time and consistency.

Ultimately it comes down to showing respect for your audience.

At Sustainability Cubed our goal is to be as transparent as possible by openly sharing our sustainability reports and blog income reports. This includes how we generate our income, who we work with, how much we pay our employees (it's just me and my partner right now), where we volunteer, how much we donate and showing proof of where that money goes. We will be honest about what we're doing right but also the mistakes we make and where we can improve.

We are very open to hearing your thoughts on how you think we're doing and what you would like to see from us going forward.