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Facts & Statistics

Many of us love fun facts and statistics but when it comes to sustainability, the environment and climate change, the stats can be depressing, to say the least.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. Finding, gathering and publishing facts and data can reveal a lot about our current situation and how we are progressing (or not) with sustainability and climate change action.

Sustainability Facts

Sustainability facts and statistics come in many forms. Population data, demographics, plastic use, pollution, biodiversity, food waste, ocean data, renewable energy stats and energy conservation are just some areas of interest and concern.

Then of course there are climate change facts.

Climate Change Facts

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. There is a lot of information, data and statistics out there so I won’t discuss that too much here. Instead, I’ll list reputable, scientific resources where you can find the latest climate change statistics and facts.

IPCC - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the ultimate resource for detailed climate change science. You can read the summary reports for an excellent overview but you can dig deeper to find the research and data behind the reports.

EPA - The United States Environmental Protection Agency is a user-friendly resource for climate change science basics and facts. - Includes useful maps, data and the excellent Climate Dashboard.

NASA - The latest data from NASA tracks carbon dioxide levels, global temperature, arctic sea ice extent, ice sheets, sea levels and ocean warming.

Environmental Facts

In this section of Sustainability Cubed, you’ll find interesting sustainability and environmental facts and statistics that we come across in our research.