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Conscious Consumerism

At Sustainability Cubed we encourage you to make thoughtful purchases by considering what you really need, what your budget allows and the impact your purchases have on the environment and society.

We suggest supporting local, low-impact companies that focus on quality rather than quantity. Read our reviews, recommendations and guides to find sustainable products and services near you.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste is a growing movement that encourages eliminating or reducing waste that would otherwise go to landfills.

We support the idea that the most sustainable thing you can do is stop purchasing non-essential items; instead reusing, repairing, recycling and upcycling what you have.

When you do make a purchase, consider the waste that may be created in the production and delivery process, the packaging, the supply chain and the impact your purchase has on the environment.

Read our guide to selecting sustainable products for the home that you can use as a checklist to be sure you're limiting your environmental impact when purchasing essentials.

Local Markets

Shopping at farmers' markets isn't only the best way to get fresh organic food, you're also supporting local farmers, producers and artisans as well as the local community. In this section, you can find farmers' markets, growers' markets and sustainable living markets.

Responsible Travel

Being sustainable doesn't mean you never have to travel. Our articles on responsible travel show how it can be done in an ethical, low-impact way.

We promote slow travel and no-fly travel to reduce carbon emissions. We guide you on where to find small tourism businesses that employ locals and help you find hotels that implement sustainability best practices.

Our travel tips encourage mindful travel choices which help move towards sustainable tourism. For example, our guide to sustainable hotels explains the features to look for when booking and gives examples of where to stay in our various sustainable city guides.