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Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability impacts every area of our lives and with so much going on, it's not easy to be on top of all the issues. It's especially difficult when we are presented with different views and often conflicting views on a daily basis.

Our frequently asked question section is designed to simplify sustainability by answering your questions using concise and easy to understand language. We answer common questions which often arise from those who are new to sustainability. To keep things simple, we avoid scientific or industry jargon and stick to the facts.

But we also answer some of the more complex climate change questions for those who are already climate change literate but want to get deeper into the issues. These might cover technical issues or controversial topics.

Finally, we fact check climate change science, articles you might come across in the media and things you hear from politicians. There is a lot of misinformation out there so we check the facts using the latest science to support our analysis and answers.

If you have a question you would like answered, please get in touch.